martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

Reported Seech - Exercises


  1. ‘I like ice-cream’, she said.
  2. ‘My wife has left me’, he said.
  3. ‘I feel very tired’, she said.
  4. ‘The train arrived an hour ago’, my father said.
  5. ‘I have a shower and then shave myself every morning’, he said.
  6. ‘I’ll take the car tomorrow’, Jenny said.
  7. ‘The weather has been fine lately’, I said.
  8. ‘I wouldn’t mind meting Brad Pitt’, she said.
  9. ‘We were on our way to school’, the children said.
  10. ‘She spent two weeks in Majorca’, Sheila told me.
  11. ‘I’ll see her tomorrow’, he said.
  12. ‘We decided to stay at home’, John and Susan said.
  13. ‘My father has asked me to look after my little sister’, she said.
  14. ‘They drank too much and got drunk’, the barman said.
  15. ‘It had all started the day before yesterday’, Mark said.
  16. ‘There were too many people in there’, I said.
  17. ‘The car swerved and crashed into a tree’, the policeman said.
  18. ‘There will be trouble if you don’t change that attitude’, the teacher told her.
  19. ‘She sings beautifully’, Jack said.
  20. ‘We don’t understand the way you explain’, the pupils told the teacher.
  21. ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any money’, I told her.
  22. ‘I’ve been busy’, she said.
  23. ‘I built this boat myself’, the old man said.
  24. ‘I really had fun yesterday’, Pat said.
  25. ‘The road is closed because there has been an accident’, she said.
  26. ‘It’s mine’, Susan said.
  27. ‘I’ll be working at my office all morning’, she said.
  28. ‘We don’t want to travel on our own’, her grandparents said.
  29. ‘We can finish the rest of our bread tomorrow’, they said.
  30. ‘Vienna is beautiful. We were there at Christmas’, he said. 

    1. ‘I have something to show you,’ I said to her.
    2. ‘Nothing grows in my garden. It never gets any sun,’ she said.
    3. ‘I’m going away tomorrow, mother,’ he said.
    4. ‘I’ve been in London for a month but so far I haven’t had time to visit the Tower,’ said Rupert.
    5. ‘It isn’t so foggy today as it was yesterday,’ I remarked.
    6. ‘The new underpass is being officially opened the day after tomorrow,’ said the BBC announcer.
    7. ‘We have moved into our new flat. We don’t like it so much as our last one,’ said my aunt.
    8. ‘We have a lift but very often it doesn’t work,’ they said.
    9. ‘From one of the windows of my flat I can see the Eiffel Tower,’ he said.
    10. ‘I’ve no idea what time it is but I’ll deal 8081 and find out,’ said his daughter.
    11. He said, ‘My wife has just been made a judge.’
    12. ‘I’ll come with you as soon as I’m ready,’ she replied.
    13. ‘I have a German lesson this afternoon and I haven’t done my homework yet,’ said the small boy.
    14. ‘If you let the iron get too hot you will scorch your clothes,’ I warned her.
    15. ‘You haven’t given me quite enough. The bill is for 14€ and you’ve paid me only 13€,’ he pointed out.
    16. He said, ‘I am quite a good cook and I do all my washing and mending too.’
    17. ‘You got my umbrella,’ I told her crossly. ‘Yours is in your bedroom.’
    18. ‘I’ll sit up till she comes in, but I hope she won’t be late,’ he said.
    19. ‘We like working on Sundays because we get double pay,’ explained the builders.
    20. ‘I’m going fishing with mother tomorrow,’ said the small boy, ‘and we are going into the garden now to dig for worms.’ 

    1. ‘Our friends are going to meet us at the airport tonight’, they said.
      1. ‘At this time tomorrow we’ll be flying over the Atlantic, they said
      2. ‘Unfortunately the driver didn’t see the red light’, he said.
      3. ‘I really enjoyed the disco. It was great’, she said.
      4. ‘The chemist’s was open, so luckily I was able to buy some aspirin’, I said.
      5. ‘The story I’ve just read was written by Agatha Christie’, my aunt said.
      6. ‘I didn’t like it in the city at first’, he said, ‘but now I’m used to living here’.
      7. ‘I don’t want to buy any of these books. I’ve got them all’, she said.
      8. ‘This place gets more and more crowded with tourists every summer’, the man said.
      9. ‘I prefer dogs to cats. I hate cats’, my cousin said.
      10. ‘If I lose my passport, I’ll be in trouble’, said Tim.
      11. ‘I don’t know why Nancy didn’t go to the meeting’, he said.
      12. ‘If the bus to the airport hadn’t been so late, we would have caught the plane’, they said.
      13. ‘Claire looks beautiful’, Jeremy said.
      14. ‘I have an important conference at work tomorrow, so I’m rather busy’, she said.
      15. ‘I’m at the station. I’m waiting for the train’, he said.
      16. ‘My friend is finding life in Paris a bit difficult. She doesn’t speak French, you see’, Sally explained.
      17. ‘Tom always invites us to stay at Christmas’, they said proudly.
      18. ‘Every time I drive along here, I go the wrong way’, my poor father said.
      19. ‘Normally I start work at eight ‘, she answered.
      20. ‘Something very strange happened to me on my way to work’, he told us.
      21. ‘I phoned the office at 11 to speak to the manager, but he isn’t there today’, she said.
      22. ‘We haven’t had many visitors this year. We had a lot more last year.’, they explained.
      23. ‘I’d like to borrow this book. I haven’t read it yet.’, Eileen said.
      24. ‘The car is all right now. We can go into town if you like.’, Paul told his wife.
      25. ‘I had to sit down’, I said.
      26. ‘We got to the coach stop at 9 yesterday’, they explained.
      27. ‘You can’t go out with a friend because you have a Saturday job’, my boss told me.
      28. ‘I suddenly realized I had been walking in the wrong direction’, Phil said.
      29. ‘No one has told me the goods arrived a week ago’, the manager complained.
      30. ‘We were riding our bikes when suddenly I felt a pain in my leg’, he said.
      31. ‘We’ll know the results of the test next week’, the pupils said.
      32. ‘The space aircraft will come down in the Pacific Ocean the day after tomorrow’, the experts announced.
      33. ‘Sarah is going to Paris next week’, her mother informed us.
      34. ‘I’ll think of you next week, when I am lying on the beach’, she said.
      35. ‘The band will be playing when the President enters’, I said.
      36. ‘Some football fans were arrested. They attacked a policeman’, the newspaper said.
      37. ‘I’m already excited to see you again’, Marge told me.
      38. ‘I wear these glasses when I go out’, my grandma said.
      39. ‘We had to take our luggage through customs’, our friends said.   

      1. ‘We make 300 € a week,’ said one of the men, ‘ and send most of it to our families.’
        1. ‘I have to go. My father is always furious if any of us are late for meals,’ she said.
        2. ‘If you lend me the drill,’ said Mary, ‘I’ll bring it back the day after tomorrow.’
        3. ‘I’ve just bought a car,’ said Peter, ‘but it’s not insured yet so I can’t take out for a drive.’
        4. ‘We’ll wait for you if you’re late,’ they said.
        5. ‘I usually take my dog from a walk when I come from work,’ he said.
        6. ‘The ice here seems hard enough to skate on,’ said Tom.
        7. ‘She left two weeks ago. She didn’t give us any forwarding address’ they answered.
        8. ‘The exams will be held next month. I hope you’ll all get what you want,’ we told the pupils.
        9. ‘If you want to smoke you’ll have to go upstairs,’ the bus driver informed the passengers.
        10. ‘It’s too late now. You should wait until tomorrow, Mick,’ she told me.
        11. ‘I’m going out, but I’ll be in by nine,’ he said.
        12. ‘I can’t live on my salary,’ said Charlie. ‘I’ll have to offer to do overtime.’
        13. ‘We could never do it ourselves. I think we should get help from outside.’

          1. ‘Where is my purse?’ said our mother.
          2. ‘Do you want to see the cathedral’’ said the guide to the flock of tourists.
          3. ‘Do you mind working in the night shifts?’ he asked Helen.
          4. ‘Would you like to come with us?’ they said to me.
          5. ‘Who did you give the money too?’ Ann asked her little son.
          6. ‘How long does it take to get to Edinburgh by coach?’ asked the tourist.
          7. ‘How much do you think it will cost?’ he said to his wife.
          8. ‘What did you miss most when you were in prison?’ Mary asked the ex-convict.
          9. Another passenger came in and said, ‘Is this seat taken?’
          10. ‘How do you get on with your mother-in-law?’ Paul asked Ron.
          11. ‘How did you get into the house?’ they asked him.
          12. ‘What were you doing with these keys?’ Mrs Jones asked the stranger.
          13. ‘Did you sleep well?’ asked my hostess.
          14. ‘Have you been here long?’ the other students asked him.
          15. ‘Can you tell me why Paul left the University?’ Paul’s sister asked me.
          16. ‘How many people know the combination of the safe?’ said the detective.
          17. ‘Are there any letters for me?’ said Mary.
          18. ‘How long have you been learning English?’ the examiner said to the nervous students.
          19. ‘Why aren’t you taking the exams?’ Paul asked them.
          20. ‘Are these fresh eggs?’ said the customer.
          21. ‘Where are you going for your summer holidays?’ I asked them.
          22. ‘Will it be all right if I come in a little later tonight?’ asked the au pair girl.
          23. ‘Have you ever seen a flying saucer?’ said the man.
          24. ‘Where can I park my caravan?’ she asked the policeman.
          25. ‘Would you like a lift?’ said Ann.
          ‘Which way are you going?’ I said.
          1. ‘Who do you want to speak to?’ said the telephonist.
          2. ‘Does anyone want tickets for the boxing match?’ Charles asked us.
          3. ‘What are you going to do with your old car?’ I asked him.
          4. ‘Do you grow your own vegetables?’ I asked her.
          5. ‘What train are you going to get?’ my friend inquired.
          6. ‘Could you change a five-pound note? I’m afraid I haven’t got anything smaller,’ said the passenger to the conductor.
          7. ‘How many sleeping pills have you taken?’ said the night sister to the man.
          8. ‘Could we speak to the manager, please?’ said the two men. 
          9. 1.      ‘What country do you come from?’ said Bill.
            2.      ‘How long have you been here?’ said Ann.
            3.      ‘Are you working as well as studying?’ asked Peter.
            4.      ‘Have you got a light?’ Bob asked Amy.
            5.      ‘What are you going to have?’ the barmaid asked.
            6.      ‘Have you met all your classmates yet?’ the teacher asked the new girl.
            7.      ‘Were you listening?’ she said.
            8.      ‘Do you want to see it now?’ he asked her.
            9.      ‘What platform did the train leave on?’ Victor wanted to know.
            10.  ‘When will we meet again?’ they inquired.
            11.  ‘Did you use to like The Cure?’ she asked me.
            12.  ‘Would you like to live in a big city? I asked her.
            13.  ‘What have they told the children?’ the headmaster asked.
            14.  ‘Is this film still on tomorrow?’ the couple asked.
            15.  ‘Why are you looking so sad, Mick?’ Barbara asked.
            16.  ‘Why did you think it might be dangerous?’ he asked her.
            17.  ‘What was she wearing when you saw her last?’ the policeman asked me.
            18.  ‘Have you had any working experience in a Spanish speaking country?’ the interviewer asked us.
            19.  ‘Do you see what I see, Mary?’ she asked.
            20.  ‘Why is your house so full of antiques?’ they asked. ‘Was your father a collector?’


            1. 1.’Don’t put sticky things in your pocket,’ said his mother.
              1. ‘Please, don’t do anything dangerous,’ said his wife.
              2. ‘Would you please wait in the lounge till your flight number is called?’ she told us.
              3. ‘Don’t lend Harry any money,’ I said to Ann. ‘He never pays his debts.’
              4. ‘Could you please ring back in half an hour?’ said the secretary.
              5. ‘Would you mind moving your case?’ said the other passenger. ‘It’s blocking the door.
              6. ‘Remember to book a table,’ said Ann to her sister.
              7. 8 ‘Get into the right lane,’ told me the driving instructor.
              8. ‘Hold the ladder,’ he said to his son. ‘It’s rather unsteady.’
              9. ‘Read the questions twice,’ said the teacher, ‘ad don’t write in the margin.’
              10. ‘Don’t take more than two of these at once,’ said the doctor, handing me a bottle of pills.
              11. ‘Could I speak to Albert, please?’ I said.
              12. ‘Could I see your driving licence?’ the policewoman said to Helen.
              13. ‘Fasten your seat belts; there may be a little turbulence,’ said the air hostess.
              14. ‘Please don’t drink any more,’ said his wife. ‘Don’t forget that we have to drive home.’
              15. ‘Would you please fill in this form and then join the queue by the door?’ said the clerk.
              16. ‘Reduce speed now,’ said a huge notice.
              17. ‘Will you help me to move the piano, please?’ said my aunt.
              18. ‘Even if you feel hungry don’t eat anything between meals,’ said the dietician.
              20.  ‘Is it all right if I open the window?’ said the woman, looking at us.